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My magic boy. You’re 5 today. My bright, sensitive, thoughtful, worldly lover of nature and animals, carer of people and puggles, brave adventurer, snuggliest gigglepot and inquisitive…

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"I have to not take myself too seriously and I have to realise that if it is meant to be, it will be."
5 minutes with Teresa Palmer

She’s one of Hollywood’s most famous earth mothers and young Australian actresses to have made it on the big screen… Teresa Palmer, where do we begin? If you’ve ever seen the zombie love story, Warm Bodies, Bedtime Stories or Parts Per Billion, you may just recognise this blooming bright Aussie star. Teresa has worked in films with actors such as Adam Sandler, Nicolas Cage and the Hemsworth brothers, not to mention she’s also written and starred in a film with her husband, director Mark Webber (a collaboration of love right there). From humble beginnings in her home town of Adelaide, South Australia, Teresa is now making waves across both the silver screen and blogging world with BFF Phoebe Tonkin, founding Your Zen We chat to the Warm Bodies star and fellow Active Living advocate on motherhood, happiness and being one of the busiest mums in LA…

Tell us about the inspiration behind Your Zen Life
YZL came about one night when Phoebe and I were discussing the industry we work in and our desire to have a business with heart away from it. We both have a passion for health and wellness and really wanted to use our public profiles to be of service and affect positive change and create an online community of like-minded people where everyone has a voice; from that conversation our idea was born and we began working on it right away and now here we are! Your Zen Life is re-launching in a couple of months time and I am so excited for it to continue to grow!

How do you create a Zen life with such a busy lifestyle?
It is really important to create the time, carve it out of your day and make it a priority. My ‘me-time’ is time I carve out each day for myself, even if it’s a 10-minute bath or reading a few pages of a book, it’s really important to do that each day. I also make both meditation and sleep a priority as that is an essential part of creating zen around you and helps you to be centered. My husband and I have really made our house our zen haven to come home to each day!

How do you keep on top of your health when you travel?
Whenever I travel, as soon as I arrive at my destination, I always look for, or ask locals, where the local markets and organic stores are and make a bee line for them! I stock up on healthy snacks to take with me to set. I enjoy the local food but ensure I am making nourishing food choices when I can. Vitamins, plenty of sleep and keeping hydrated with water are also essential in maintaining optimal health when away from home. I recommend traveling with snacks and vitamins from home so that even if your food choices aren’t as nutritious as usual, you are still getting nutrients and goodness. You also need to find a balance though, I eat healthy most of the time but also allow myself little treats here and there!

Zen motherhood, what’s the biggest lessons learned?
It has been the most amazing gift I have ever received and the most rewarding journey! I absolutely love being a mum and I feel so blessed to have Bodhi as my son. I have learnt more than myself than ever before and I truly learn so much through Bodhi and watching him grow and learn, nothing can prepare you for the amount of love you will feel. I’ve learnt to trust my motherly intuition and also listening to your child and meeting their needs really does make for a happy baby.

Tell us about Tez talks…
Tez Talks started because I wanted an outlet where I could be my authentic self and really connect with our YZL audience, in an open and communicative way. I want to be true and for people to know we are all human and see that real representation of myself. I speak honestly, openly and often quite vulnerably about different topics and share my thoughts or personal experiences, which I believe really helps me to connect with the audience. Tez Talks really inspires me also – I love being able to impart wisdom and share my personal insights and experiences and then hearing how a particular Tez Talks has helped someone in some way.

What’s it like having Phoebe Tonkin as your BFF and business partner?
Amazing!! Haha! Phoebe truly is a soul sister and it has been so amazing seeing our little idea grow into such an amazing community just like we envisioned. She is an amazing, clever, passionate, talented, funny, sweet, loving person that I am so grateful to have in my life as my BFF.

Quick fire questions…

Happiness means… family; my husband and my boys! My friends, my health and surrounding myself with love, positivity and laughter!

Your beauty secret is… almond oil!

Inspiring me right now is… working with my team on the re-launch of and also the launch of Your Zen Mama which is something I have created with my dear friend and fellow zen mama Sarah Wright Olsen. It will be launching at the same time as YZL and is going to be an online community for mamas, papas and caregivers to feel empowered, inspired, accepted and supported. Lots of exciting things in the works!

Favorite foods to nourish my body with… I really do love my veggies! Especially greens; I love steamed broccoli and spinach! One of my favorite dishes is crispy rice, baked tofu with scallions and green onions! And I have a love for Ethiopian food! Green smoothies and kombucha are my go-to drinks!

Favorite way to move… I love a mixture of different forms of exercise and really like to mix it up; from sweating it out in the gym to hiking to mum and bub yoga which I can enjoy with my son.

Favorite thing about growing up in Australia… the laid back outdoors lifestyle and the beaches!!

Favorite thing about living in the US… having a home with my husband, son and stepson. And I have to say, the weather in LA; we are pretty blessed in the sunshine department which means lots of outdoor fun with the kids.

Favorite recipe to make… either my vegetarian eggplant parmigiana or my healthy berry breakfast crumble!

Lastly, what is your life mantra of motto to live by?
‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever’. Life is too short for ‘maybes’ or ‘ill do it tomorrow’. I live by this motto and believe in seizing the moment, do whatever it is that your heart desires and makes you truly happy. And keep learning; I love reading, learning about new things and increasing my knowledge on topics that interest me.