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"I have to not take myself too seriously and I have to realise that if it is meant to be, it will be."
High Five Yourself

If you’d walked into Cotton On in Adelaide in 2004, you’d have seen Palmer working behind the counter. Walk into a cinema today and you’ll see her starring in blockbusters alongside Nicolas Cage, Cate Blachett, Adam Sandler and Christian Bale – proof that big dreams can come true. The perfect person to front our High 5 Yourself campaign, Palmer quit her assistant manager job in the clothing store when she was cast as Melody – a rape victim pregnant with her brother’s baby – in the budget drama 2:37. The film, which was Palmer’s debut, was shown at Cannes in 2006. “I had no idea how far the movie would go and how much of an impact it would have on people,” Palmer says. “It changed my life.”

Within a year of the film’s release, the then 21-year-old moved to LA to star in Take Me Home Tonight alongside Topher Grace and Anna Faris. While it was certainly a good move for her career, it certainly wasn’t an easy one. “Initially it was a really daunting experience. It was isolating, I didn’t know many people, I was fresh off the plane from Adelaide, and I didn’t quite know how to look after myself,” Palmer admits. “I was blessed I became good friends with a group of grounded, sensible actors, so luckily I was able to stay away from the ugly side of Hollywood.”

Five years on, Palmer has starred in more than a dozen films, including The Grudge 2, December Boys, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I Am Number Four and the recent thriller Wish You Were Here, with Joel Edgerton. And she finally feels at home. “I’m settled now. I have a wonderful group of friends, (a lot of Australians) and I enjoy the laidback lifestyle,” she says. “LA is a really health conscious place, something I feel very connected to.”

Which leads us to her latest pursuit, a wellbeing website she’s launched with best friend and fellow Aussie actress, Phoebe Tonkin. “It’s an online portal where like-minded people can share their passion for everything wellness and health,” Palmer says. “We want it to be like a scrapbook where everybody who has something to say about fitness, health, positivity and spirituality can contribute. It’s about encouraging everyone to live their healthiest and happiest life possible.” Our kind of thinking.

Palmer, a 90 per cent vegan (she occasionally eats fish), says her passion is personal development. “That includes knowing about nutrition, being positive, being spiritual, meditating, yoga, all those things,” she says. Exercise plays a big role, too: “I’m obsessed with pilates at the moment,” she says. “I’ll do it anywhere from three to five times a week. I work out with a trainer twice a week and do a lot of weights and body sculpting.” Her partner Scott Speedman is no stranger to working out, either. “It’s nice to have a partner who likes fitness,” she says.

A self-confessed pregnancy aficionado, Palmer says she’s looking forward to being a mum. “I’m obsessed with pregnancy,” she laughs. “I know absolutely everything about the labour process. It’s so silly – I’ve never been pregnant, but it’s such a huge passion. I belong to pregnancy websites and write on forums. My friends laugh at me, but I cannot wait for the day I become a mum.”

In the meantime, Palmer has many more roles to play. Next year you’ll see her in Warm Bodies, a zombie romance with John Malkovich and Love and Honour, a 1960s period drama (in which she plays Liam Hemsworth’s love interest. Nice) “[As a kid] I always thought it would be such an incredible life to be in movies – but coming from Adelaide you didn’t hear of that happening, so it didn’t seem like a reality for me,” Palmer says. “That’s why this is such a blessing and something I’m really lucky to be doing.”