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Yesterday from Teresa Palmer's Twitter

"I have to not take myself too seriously and I have to realise that if it is meant to be, it will be."
The New Wave

Our gal in Hollywood, Teresa Palmer has starred opposite a bevy of big names (Adam Sandler, Nicolas Cage, Anna Faris, Topher Grace) but for the moment she’s back home and couldn’t be happier. “It’s so refreshing to be in Australia. The energy of the place, the people, it’s so laid-back and relaxed. There’s a very grounding quality about Australians and about being in this space.”

Teresa’s back to shoot Say Nothing, and independent Aussie thriller starring Joel Edgerton, the brother of her boyfriend, filmmaker Nash. After that she’s off to promote her latest film, I Am Number Four, which was produced by Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg. “I play a butt-kick alien character, head to toe in black leather. I have these huge combat boots, a dagger and a gun. It’s so much fun but very physically challenging.”

Even with working and living in la-la land she seems very low key. “It’s a very bizarre sort of gypsy lifestyle where you’re always travelling around like nomads, living out of suitcases then getting dressed up and glamorous for photo shoots and events. For me that’s a really fun part but it doesn’t define who I am. I’m such a casual person.”