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About 4 days ago from Teresa Palmer's Twitter

"I have to not take myself too seriously and I have to realise that if it is meant to be, it will be."
‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ star Teresa Palmer falls for the magic of New York

The city has Teresa Palmer under its spell.

The Aussie beauty spent six months living out her own fairy tale while filming Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” around town, taking in the Big Apple when she wasn’t stirring up trouble with co-stars Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel on set.

Factor in her upcoming flick “Young Americans” with on-again, off-again boyfriend Topher Grace, and forget about apprentice magician − being a rising star at 24 is the coolest job ever.

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” filmed across the city. Had you ever been to the Big Apple before?
I have been to New York City a few times, but I’ve never ever actually lived here. We shot the film for six months and I stayed in the West Village. I loved it.

Did you explore the Village when you were off the set?
I was living at Bank and W. Fourth Sts., so I went to the Waverly Inn a lot. It was the $50 truffle mac and cheese. I used to get that all the time. Oh, but Magnolia Bakery was just up the street, and that could be dangerous. I was there at least three times a week − for the frosting. And walking along W. Fourth is a pretty lovely area. I had my dog in town, so I’d walk her around. It was so beautiful.

What kind of dog do you have?
A Shih Tzu. Her name is Luna. She comes with me on set a lot. She loved New York. It’s a very dog-friendly city. On every corner there was a new little puppy that she could hang out with, and there’s a lot of dog parks around the city — she had fun.

Your character, Becky, is a student and disk jockey at NYU. What was it like going back to school?
It was pretty cool. We actually shot at NYU. I never had the experience of going to college, so it was really nice to meet some of the students, and I met the actual college radio deejay. He showed me the ropes: Turn this knob, and put this here and that there, because I had no idea what I was doing!

New York can get pretty hot, but Australian summers are probably no picnic, either. Do you have any tips for keeping cool?
In Adelaide, Australia, which is where I’m from, it gets as hot as it does in New York, but it’s a different sun. It’s a little harsher. At school, the tradition is on days that are over 35 degrees [Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit] the principal would just spray everyone down. We knew we’d only have half a day, because it was a hot day, so we would get to go home sopping wet. That was really fun.

What’s the most magical place in New York?
Central Park. I grew up watching American films, and I feel like I’ve seen Central Park on film so many times, so just walking through there is magical. You can be alone with your thoughts … it really hit me when I was jogging through the park, like, I’m here. I’m in America, in New York City, in person. That’s not something I ever thought I would experience. I only started traveling when I started acting four years ago. It’s still very exciting.