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"I have to not take myself too seriously and I have to realise that if it is meant to be, it will be."
The Teresa Palmer Interview

The Australian actress has managed to remain incredibly prolific while raising her one-and-a-half year old son, Bodhi. Palmer is happily married to actor/filmmaker Mark Webber and starred in an intimate film about marriage alongside Mark called The Ever After. The film, written and directed by Mark, was made entirely with friends and family as the crew. Family and acting are her two greatest passions and the fusion of both resulted in a beautiful and honest work. With five movies in the pipeline, including the much anticipated reboot of the classic Point Break, Teresa Palmer is reaching new levels of maturity in her career and facing new challenges; and that’s just how she likes it.

Had you seen the original production of Point Break when you were approached to work on the remake?
I saw the original film actually a week before we started shooting. We decided to have the cast and crew screen the movie so the spirit of the film was around us and we were all very familiar with the movie we were paying homage to in our remake.

How did you like it?
I loved it, it’s a classic, it’s got such heart and spirit. It’s an iconic movie and I’m excited that we kept the spirit of that film but then launched it into a different stratosphere. It’s definitely a huge international film, on a bigger scale in every sense.

And how does this version differ from the original?
Pretty much the whole film is different. We have the same characters, but it’s very, very loosely based on the original and it takes it to various locations around the world. We have a huge amount of extreme sports in the film and we have the best athletes in the world at each of these sports with us on the film. They’re in the movie and they’re also training the guys who are appearing in the film. They’re the guys who have been the experts for us; it’s definitely extreme sports at their highest level.

Point Break and Knights of Cups are probably very different, how do you strike the balance between mainstream and indie work?
I definitely try to do films that speak to my spirit. Certainly I’ve done big budget films and I’ve done little gritty independent films and to me it’s about finding the right director and a gritty character and sinking my teeth into that. I don’t typically worry too much about the size of the budget, it’s whether I connect with the story or not and also if I’m going to be challenged; that’s really how I select my projects.

What’s important to you about being challenged?
I think if I’m not pushing myself out of my comfort zone then I’m not learning, then I can’t get better and grow as an artist. I’m never satisfied playing the same type of character. I want to really challenge myself and take risks and see where that takes me. You can only learn from there, that’s what I love to do. Having that constant challenge is really stimulating and keeps me wanting to continue on. I think I’d get bored if I wasn’t choosing roles that were really difficult. That’s what I try to do. I always like to switch it up

Triple Nine is also being released this year, what was it like to work with such a star-studded cast?
It was interesting in that there were so many of us that we didn’t all work with each other at the same time, but it was great. All my scenes were with Casey Affleck and he’s just a wonderful human being. Our kids are in the same class at school so I know him personally and that actually made it a lot easier playing his wife. I was so honored to be a part of that movie, I have such a tiny role, but the filmmaker asked me to come in and have this cameo role and I said yes. It’s just an honor to be around such interesting artists.

What was it like shooting The Ever After with your husband; did it ever get too personal?
No, it didn’t. We shot that in four weeks with our friends and family as the crew and it was such a fascinating experience. We really immersed ourselves in these characters, it made it even more alive and real. We showed intimacy on screen you don’t get to see unless you’re witnessing a real relationship. That’s what we love doing and that’s kind of Mark’s signature style, building films around real relationships as he did with the film he did with his son. I loved doing it, that’s my favorite type of filmmaking.

What did modeling while pregnant mean to you?
I felt great doing photo-shoots while I was pregnant, I felt very proud of my swollen belly, I loved it. I think I really found a beautiful relationship with my physical self while I was pregnant. Watching the miracle of life grow within me and seeing the way my body changed; I had a really beautiful relationship with my pregnancy. It was healing in many ways, I feel less judgmental of my physical self now that I’ve birthed a child. There’s nothing more I love than being pregnant. My dream for the next 15 years would be to either be pregnant or having my babies.

How has being a mother changed your career goals?
In the last couple of years, I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to play well-rounded, layered, strong females, and that just might be the industry moving towards showcasing more of strong female role models. I’ve had that opportunity now, that’s really what I want to portray, especially as a mother. I want my children to see me playing roles that are these strong and capable women who have a voice. In the past, I’ve played the object of the male’s desire or I’ve played the woman who’s just a part of the man’s story in the film, she’s just there because the man needs a love interest in the movie, and she needs to look pretty, and she needs to be lit a certain way, and have a lot of makeup on, and very blonde hair blown out in a perfect wave. I’ve played those roles when I was a lot younger, I’m not really comfortable playing those roles now. Also, growing up I’m learning more about who I am and what my values are. My choices have shifted and that’s been really nice for me and it’s been something really cool to observe in myself. It’s also best if I shoot in LA but if not my family gets on the road and we travel. Bodhi’s been to 13 countries in the last 18 months. It’s been pretty amazing for us.

How would you describe your style?
I would say eclectic, it depends on the mood. Sometimes it’s very bohemian; sometimes I like going a little rocker. Mostly it’s earthy bohemian mama. I can only wear things with easy access to the boob because my son is breast-feeding. I also like to wear my hair messy, bare makeup or no make up at all, is what I prefer.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I love Ellery from Australia. I’ve also been enamored by the Burberry bohemian line, it’s just incredible. I’ve been wearing Gucci, Rodarte, Dior and Chanel for most of my red carpet events. Isabel Marant is the everyday very cool look; if you’re going to buy one signature piece, it will be an Isabel Marant jacket for instance and you’re going to wear it with cut-offs Topshop denim shorts and a t-shirt.

What are some of your most exciting projects coming up?
I’m really excited about The Choice, which is a Nicholas Sparks film. I was a huge fan of The Notebook, so now I get to play the Rachel McAdams character and that’s a dream come true for me. That movie was my bible, I knew every word of it and was obsessed with Rachel McAdams. I’m also super excited about Message From The King, where you see such a different part of me. I play a struggling mother who’s living in a motel and befriends this dark South African character who’s riddled with complexity. I’ve never played anyone like her before, it’s a challenge, I had to dig deeper and deeper and deeper. I think it’s probably the performance I’m most proud of in my career.